The 12.004 opens up the partnership with Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes, “The 3D Experience Company,” offers—both to corporations and individuals—a virtual universe in which to imagine lasting innovations. Its 3D software design is number one worldwide. In addition, its solutions for 3D digital mock-ups and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) transform the way the products are designed, made and subsequently handled. Dassault Systèmes wants to extend the use of interactive multi-platform 3D to new users, from the mass market to professionals, by enabling one and all to imagine, to share and to experiment in 3D all the products or services of daily life. After having been developed in the virtual world, these products and services will be launched in the real world.Visit the site of Dassault Systèmes.


The Partnership

The partnership with Dassault Systèmes sprung from a shared desire to revive the 12.004 locomotive. This midpoint between comic book and the experiential industrial universes of 3D heightens the comic book all while preserving and transmitting the industrial patrimony of Dassault Systèmes.


augmented Reality

augmented Reality: an experience at the heart of François Schuiten’s graphic universe!
Dassault Systèmes joins forces with Casterman to offer readers an interactive experience using experiential 3D technologies. The goal of this new experience: extending the realm of the comic book into the digital world. In this way, readers may give life to the locomotive and faithfully follow the comic book as a guide (the cover pages are specific to the experience).

The Dassault Systèmes team worked closely with François Schuiten to recapture in this experience the emotions that are so particular to the comic strip. La Douce: as if you were there.


Dassault Systèmes breathes life back into an icon of the industrial patrimony

In the framework of its of patrimonial preservation program, Dassault Systèmes decided to resuscitate this mechanical marvel, thanks to its 3D technologies dedicated to the industry. Based on the rare usable blueprints, and a digitization of the real 12.004, a team of enthusiasts work on creating the digital 3D industrial mock-up of the steam traction excellence. In addition to its playful aspect, this recreation also has a veritable pedagogical dimension. By reviving an unsung industrial gem, Dassault Systèmes transmits to future generations a rich patrimony that will perhaps spark the calling for tomorrow’s engineers. Go to the 12.004 webpage.

The digital mock-up of the 12.004 locomotive in the process of re-engineering produced in CATIA.


Thalys, partner of La Douce

Circulating between France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the Thalys travels through four territories rich in history and culture, offering a program as remarkable in its diversity of institutions as its artistic disciplines.

Multicultural in essence, Thalys is a company based in Brussels, at the heart of Europe. Its role as a transporter corresponds to a true commitment to making discoveries. In this way, Thalys can be understood as a facilitator of exchanges, a creator of links. Thalys’s cultural partnerships are due to this attitude.

Faithful to this approach, Thalys joins in the launch of La Douce, the new comic book by Belgian François Schuiten that spotlights the locomotive. By retracing the world of the railroad during the 1930s, La Douce at once underlines the links that unite man and machine, and the challenges of railway innovations: challenges that Thalys has taken into account each day, since 1996.

Thalys is the first high-speed train to cross the borders of four European countries, putting Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne at, respectively, 1H22, 1H53 and 1H47 from Brussels. Thalys thus reduces distances and facilitates European mobility.

From Paris, Thalys provides 25 daily connections to Brussels in 1H22, starting at 29€ for a one-way ticket in Comfort 2 (59€ for a one-way ticket in Comfort 1);

From Amsterdam, Thalys provides 10 daily connections to Brussels in 1H53, starting at 29€ for a one-way ticket in Comfort 2 (49€ for a one-way ticket in Comfort 1);

And from Cologne, Thalys provides 5 daily connections to Brussels in 1H47, starting at 19€ for a one-way ticket in Comfort 2 (29€ for a one-way ticket in Comfort 1).

Press contact: Violaine Tennstedt, press attaché for Thalys International: +32 2 548 06 34 – presse@thalys.com